OUR MISSION: Bee, Leaves N' Love is a bridal floral design company, passionate about flowers and catering solely to our clients and their special day. Our style is romantic, free-formed and natural. We believe in preserving flowers natural beauty and allowing their raw nature to shine through. We concentrate not only on flowers themselves, but a design element as a whole, with the key importance of color, texture, placements and a vision. Unique flowers, greenery, texture, depth and a natural composition make up our floral design style. It is important for us to share the same style and visions as our clients. 

A BIT ABOUT THE OWNER: My name is Amy Stoeckle, I am a wedding floral designer based in Grass Valley, Ca. I love to create, it is my passion in life. Since I can remember I have loved creating and design. I started Bee, Leaves N' Love to embrace my two passions of designing and flowers. Design is like breathing to me and it just seemed natural to transform that desire into a career.  Owning a business has been a personal goal and dream of mine. I'm so excited and proud to call this business my own and share my passion and creations with others. It has been over 10 years since I started in the floral industry, specializing in wedding flowers for the last 7.

Incorporating vintage pieces into new and creative designs, is a hobby of mine. Collecting lace, broken jewelry, old containers and vases, I'm inspired by collecting old pieces of just about anything and finding a new purpose. Attention to detail and great communication are very important when planning a wedding. I strive to make these the top priority while working with any client. I'd love to hear about your upcoming wedding, please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries!