Angela Nunnink

Hi!  I'm Katie, a wedding and lifestyle photographer at the Studio Collective.  A little about me?  Well, I'm a devoted wife and mom of two, proud animal and nature lover, artist of many medias and outlets, and optimist.  I really love being happy and I strive to look for the beauty in everything.  I love dancing, I love traveling, I love trying new things and pushing limits... while also being mindful of living a balanced life.  I feel as though life is an adventure, and it's my duty to bring the "best of me" to every circumstance, because you never know what amazing opportunity may present itself.

I feel fortunate to be a wedding and lifestyle photographer because I'm able to practice "being my best self," while serving others and creating something special for them...  something that will last many possible lifetimes.  I can't imagine a better gift to give!  Sound like we'd connect?  Awesome.  I can't wait to know more about you, too.