Lenkaland Photography


Life gives us grand reasons to celebrate. Two people coming together among friends and family to commit their affection to one another is one of the best reasons ever. It's why many fairytales close with “and they lived happily ever after.”

Yet, Lenka knows that “happily ever after” is just the beginning. And, as the adventures continue, those photos of celebrating become even more valuable.

Lenka combines her love of family with a love of storytelling and photography. She enjoys documentary style images that allow everyone in be in the moment without even noticing the camera. These images showcasing love and connections are her absolute favorites.

For weddings, Lenka teams up with her husband, Giovanni, who is also a professional photographer. They believe that teamwork allows them to combine skills and catch more of the little moments that may slip away on a very busy day. From children playing, to shared moments between new inlaws, Lenka and Giovanni's commitment to paying attention creates memorable photographs.

Lenka and Giovanni also love technology. They research the latest opportunities to share photos. Every couple receives a custom App that can be shared on mobile devices, such as this beautiful wedding. Their Signature Collection includes an iPad mini with all images. Couples receive online galleries where family and friends can order prints without needing to ask the couple for “email me that one,” or “send me a copy.” Lenka and Giovanni respect privacy. They work with couples so their moments are only shared with the people that matter the most. 

At the same time, Lenka sees value in good old fashioned prints that can be held. She creates heirloom albums for couples. She offers many sizes of prints and framing from professional labs. While technology is fun, prints last long after a floppy disk/zipdrive/flash drive becomes obsolete. Lenkaland is a full service photography studio that continues relationships with clients to help them order the best prints to showcase in their homes.

Lenka loves learning how to save and share memories. Lately, video has inspiring her. From slideshows to DVDs, she and Giovanni see the beauty of life in motion. 

They believe that every couple deserves heartfelt images of their day. Photographers are part of a team that comes together making a couple’s dreams come true. And long after “happily ever after,” becomes “once upon a time…” the images share a magical story. 

We are honored to be part of each wedding day. Let’s celebrate.


Thank you! Lenka