I love my life and the beauty that surrounds me. I can't help but feel grateful for all of the wonderful moments I have experienced. I discovered my passion for photography during a two week high school trip through Europe. We traveled through The Czech Republic, Poland and Germany where I saw and experienced things that I will never forget. From Auschwitz to stunning castles and cathedrals I found myself surrounded by beauty and the weight of history. It was there that I took a few of my first artistic photographs that made me fall in love photography. To this day I still feel the emotion behind these images, to me, that is what makes photography so amazing. I love capturing moments and memories that will last forever. 

Photography is my creative passion. I am a mother, a swim instructor and a caregiver, people are my work, my life. I grow with every new face I come to know, and every person I meet. With each new experience I learn something new. I am excited to continue my journey through life, and capture every moment I can. 

    My job as a photographer is to capture every emotion, and every moment so that years from now my work can serve as a reminder. I aim to build relationships with my clients, so together we can create and capture memories that are personalized. Memories that your family and friends will cherish forever. I love the stories, the passion and the adventure that comes with each of my wonderful clients. I want to tell your stories and preserve your memories through the art of photography!