Become a member of The Studio Collective




3 Hours of Studio Use / 20 Hours of Workspace   $95 per month


5 Hours of Studio Use / 35 Hours of Workspace    $150 per month


10 Hours of Studio Use / Unlimited Workspace      $250 per month

Need more hours? No worries! Members receive discounted hourly pricing at $30 per hour should you go over your allotted time. (Custom membership packages available)

*All members will pay a one-time $250 initiation and branding fee and a $35 processing fee


This basic package offers 3 hours of Studio Use. These hours can be used how you see fit, photoshoots, client meetings, shoot prep, vendor meetings, etc... 20 hours of workspace time for nocking down that mile high To-Do list. Come enjoy the free wifi, coffee bar, and an inspiring space away from the bustle of home to do what you need to do. You will also get 1 offsite prop rental per month*


Our mid level package is perfect for your blooming business. You get 5 hours of Studio Use to fit your life and your business. Photoshoots, client or vendor meetings, and much more. Your 35 hours of Workspace are perfect for doing your computer work through our free Studio wifi. Sit yourself down on a comfy vintage sofa or have a seat at our conference table and get your work on with a cup of coffee from our coffee bar. You will also get 2 offsite prop rentals per month*


Our top of the line package offers you 10 hours of Studio use time for photoshoots, client or vendor meetings, and more! You get unlimited workspace to enjoy the free wifi, coffee bar, and creative space away from your home office. Come and relax in this wonderful space and enjoy the creative minds you will meet and the wonderful atmosphere! You will also get unlimited offsite rentals* and the ability to host 1 event at The Studio Collective for free each year. 


Are you ready to be a marketing genius? We have the perfect solution for you. Members can add on our "Marketing Genius" package for $300 for the year!

What you get:

-Ability to display samples in The Studio

-Advertisement on TSC blog

-Featured vendor slots on TSC site and social networking

-Unlimited blog posts on TSC blog

-Inclusion in TSC marketing events

 - Discounted rates for TSC Open House events

-Your marketing info included in the TSC swag bags

-Swag bags for your clients

- A profile listing with a full portfolio gallery on TSC website preferred vendor directory


*Prop rentals are subject to availability, contact us to find out more!

Contact us for Non-Member hourly rates available for meetings, workshops, photoshoots, events, and workspace! Host your events, or meet your clients with no monthly commitments.  

Need more Studio time?

Monthly members are able to purchase additional Studio use at $30 per hour.